The First Flavored Golf Tees
Chew on your Tas-Tee BEFORE it goes in the ground, then use it as a golf tee.
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    ALL NEW Tas-Tees have arrived!!

    ALL NEW Tas-Tees have arrived!!

    Every year we poll our customers to see what flavors they want us to formulate for the following year and boy did our Tas-Tee community deliver with their 2022 Winner, Mixed Berry.  The delivery of flavor comes in layers as this new formulation hits your palette.  The initial sensation is what we based our newest Tas-Tees (v4) on so you can expect that same sensation throughout our new menu. 

    We are truly honored to be able to deliver a better & better product each year to our growing Tas-Tee community.  Along with our scientists who actually formulate each flavored golf tee, all of us at Tas-Tee say a giant THANK YOU to all of you who have supported us throughout this endeavor.  Our journey has not been easy but we are starting to see some real progress towards our mission as a small business.

    That mission hasn't wavered since I began this business; be undeniable.

    We are starting to be just that. 

    With the help of our volunteering & networking over the past 4-5 years at several local golf events, we've secured sponsorships that could catapult this product to the biggest of stages.  Starting May 10th we'll have our Tas-Tee booth at the Byron Nelson, the largest golf event in North Texas and because of our connections with our friends in Red Pants, we're the first booth you'll see when you walk in the main gate.... PUMPED!

    Our ALL NEW formulations along with our new resealable packaging will blow this Byron Nelson crowd's minds!... Most people have never heard of flavored golf tees but that is about to change - LET"S GO TAS-TEE!

    Back to Back for Scottie at the Waste Management Open!!

    Back to Back for Scottie at the Waste Management Open!!

    Last year was such a good one for Scottie Scheffler that he fig'd he'd just go ahead and start this year the exact same way, winning the loudest golf tournament on the PGA Tour (or any tour for that matter!)  Scottie and his wife, Amy, embraced on 18 in what has quickly become a familiar scene on the PGA Tour.  Scottie now has 5 professional wins including last year's Masters and it doesn't appear he's going to fall off this golf season.

    The Waste Management Open (WMPO) is an unparalleled golf event that welcomed over 300,000 spectators to TPC Scottsdale.  The fact that Superbowl 57 was taking place in the same city only added to the celebrity sightings, the massive crowds, and unrivaled energy that was evident, even as I watched this year on tv.

    A few years ago, I was able to attend the WMPO in what seemed like the last event before the world closed for Covid-19.  I arrived there on Tuesday and went immediately to the course to see the grounds.  The facility is spectacular!  A challenging desert golf course with rocks and harsh terrain surrounding the remarkably green fairways and greens.  TPC starts off very similar to a "normal" golf course but as the round progresses through holes 10-13, the buildup is palpable.  Golfers start to hear roars from a ruckus 16th fan base and cheers, or boos are most definitely on the agenda for every golfer that passes through. 

    "Which will it be? What's my fate today?" ..every golfer wonders these thoughts, even as they play the boisterous 14th and 15th and make their way into a 3 story stadium for their center stage moment.. and then it arrives..  

    Most of us will never experience such a unique tee shot in golf.  The murmurs as the golfer practice swings.. every fan is in their own conversations, making bets with a neighbor, talkin smack to the golfer or just building up the moment:  The golfer approaches his tee ball, takes his aim and the crowd goes silent... Whack!

    The response is immediate, and the crowd can be brutal if the tee shot was poor, sometimes even if the tee shot wasn't poor.  This is the most unique crowd in golf.  Dozens of dudes dressed alike, in full costumes, face paint, branded overalls, nothing is out of the realm of possibilities here. Loud noises, boos, jeers, insults, ex-wife comments, they are all good on this hole.  And this crowd is relentless in their efforts to dig up the dirt on every golfer that comes through.

    It has to be experienced at least once but I think I'll be taking Tas-Tee there again next year.  Congrats to Scottie Scheffler for pulling in a massive $3.6M for first place this year, a figure that more than doubled from his win last year ($1.47M).  Woohoo! 


    All New Tas-Tee products are in production for 2023

    All New Tas-Tee products are in production for 2023

    Tas-Tee, the first flavored golf tees are getting a brand new look & all new formulations for our flavors. 

    Lime flavored golf tees

    Cinnamon flavored golf tees 

    Mixed Berry flavored golf tees 

    Wintergreen Mint flavored golf tees 

    are coming SOON to!

    Read more

    Attending lectures on flavored plastic science

    Attending lectures on flavored plastic science

    Not as boring as it sounds, especially when Tas-Tee is literally in the flavored plastic business.  Like most people, we discovered this flavored plastic technology when we purchased our first flavored mouth guard as a young athlete.  Far superior to the normal, non flavored versions, this technology was our introduction into a technology that has been evolving for the past 10+ years.  

    One of the ways we continue to push this revolutionary technology is to incorporate the newest practices in plastics formulation along with our innovative production process... All for GOLF TEES!! Lol  

    While on a long trip to the Northeastern US recently, I attended a couple lectures on plastic science at some prestigious universities.  They talked molecular structure and composition, mostly stuff that was way over my head but I was excited to be in a very large room with people pushing an industry that would certainly support our lil golf tee business.  The possibilities are endless, formulating extremely complex flavors will be possible in the near future.

    The dream is to make our Tas-Tee community big enough to support a large inventory of complex flavored golf tees so every golf tee chewer can have their desired flavor made by us, right here in the United States.

    Our LIV Golf Experience..

    Our LIV Golf Experience..

    We are up in the Northeast formulating Mixed Berry and attending lectures on relevant topics at several universities in the area, we decided to take the opportunity to attend the "Boston" LIV Golf event.  Boston is in quotes bc The International Golf Course is actually about an hour west of downtown Boston.  We made the drive out there on Friday to see how these LIV Golf events stack up against our usual PGA or KornFerry tournaments.  LIV did not disappoint.

    Upon arriving in Bolton (the Actual location) we followed signage to park in the Bolton fairgrounds and got on a large shuttle bus to the course.  Parking was free. Even in the brief walk through the entry gate, the music, the scenery, and the vibe were elevated from a typical golf experience. 

    We walked directly to the practice facility and saw first time LIV-ers Cameron Smith, Joaquin Niemann and Harold Varner III (HV3) amongst a few others putting on the crowded practice green.  The green and range were packed bc all the LIV golfers tee off at the same time in a shotgun format.  This has its benefits; You get to see ALL the golfers in a compact span of time (abt 4hrs) instead of spending all day at the course watching every group start off at the first hole.

    The music was pumping right through the opening tee shots and beyond & the scene at the first tee was LIT.  Several Navy SEALs parachuted onto the first hole in dramatic fashion to the applause of a few hundred onlookers.  Quite the "kickoff" if I do say so myself.  "Murica!" was heard several times, lol

    We followed Cam Smith for a bit and he seemed a lil squirrely with the driver and longer clubs at first but seemed to settle in over the round.  It was a similar tournament for LIV newcomer Harold Varner III, who showed a few nerves early but caught some momentum in his second and third rounds.  Both of these two and newbie Joaquin Niemann did very well in their first LIV event but the day and most of the tournament was dominated by the Four Aces.  

    Consisting of Talor Gooch, Dustin Johnson, Pat Perez and Patrick Reed, the 4 Aces have won all 3 Team Titles in each of the LIV events so far.  Talor was focused from the jump and once DJ started with his wedge game, the Aces jumped up the leaderboard and stayed there until the Final Round. The Crushers actually had a chance to win on Sunday but ended up in second after contributions from P Reed and DJ.  The crescendo was when DJ dunked his eagle putt to win on the 18th hole (first playoff hole) & the crowd went WILD!!

    Overall it was an incredible event and I would recommend any golf fan attend one of these LIV Events in the future.  The format feels ok but where the PGA Tour focuses on their player's perks, it seemed LIV is more focused on the fan experience, and as a fan, we love that!  I'm talking about Navy SEALs parachuting onto the first hole to start the tournament, music pumpin, fireworks, LOTS of free stuff and although the crowd chatter got a bit annoying (ppl run out of "witty" things to say), we didn't see anything outside the parameters of the hypest PGA event, the Waste Management Open.

    Dunno when we'll get the chance to see another LIV event but if we are in the proximity of one, we'll definitely go.  

    We'll see y'all out there!