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    Tas-Tee News — Bay Hill

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    A year since the Waste Management Open..

    A year since the Waste Management Open..
    COVID-19 pandemic response from Tas-Tee and adjustments to production and safety protocols throughout the ordering and manufacturing processes.  Covid

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    Tas-Tee at the PGA Championship At Bellerive

    Tas-Tee at the PGA Championship At Bellerive

    We arrived bright and early on Monday and were pleased with the size and buzz of the crowd.  There's no mistaking the atmosphere of a PGA major, it's palpable from the moment you step on the course grounds.The buzz was especially loud around #10 where many of the golfers were starting their practice rounds.  Our Team made our way to the practice green and spotted some familiar faces.Team Reed

    While Team Reed was looking all business Patrick did sign about 500 autographs on both the practice rounds I walked with him.  Even reconnected Pat with a big fan, who really enjoyed the meet up and signature selfie w the Masters Champion and Captain America.

    Most eyes were on Tiger Woods who was in great form throughout the week.  The crowds following Tiger's group during the practice rounds were as big as I've ever seen.  Our team had to divide and conquer to get a good glimpse of Tiger, JB Holmes, Justin Thomas and eventual winner Brooks Koepka but it was Sooooo worth it.  

    Here's a video of Tiger and Brooks teeing off 18 w an enormous gallery, some of which had no idea who Brooks Koepka is.. i know


    The sound that Koepka's golf ball makes is unlike any other I've heard.  People were flabbergasted by the penetrating ball flight and carry, especially after they applauded Tiger's two attempts.

    Our team was on site through Friday's round and while some of our picks didn't make the cut at the year's final major, we were extremely happy to see Brooks Koepka pick up the Wannamaker at the end of play.  Congratulations to the Koepka team and good luck in the FedEx Cup Playoffs.  Tas-Tee will be there!

    at Bellerive

    Zach Johnson tries a Tas-Tee




    We're always so excited to announce that we have a new pricing scale.  It means that we can discount every future Tas-Tee experience for every customer.  Those of you that have supported Tas-Tee since it's inception have experienced a few pricing changes to our Tas-Tee product line over the years. 

    We started selling our flagship Cherry Tas-Tee at $1.50 per tee!  (I know)  Over time we were able to convince more and more golfers that the Tas-Tee experience made golf even more enjoyable.  With each batch of inventory leaving our shelves, we've put every dime back into making a better Tas-Tee, and more of them. 

    Each new pricing model has brought the price of a single Tas-Tee down by more than 30% and it's ALL because of you!  Thank you to everyone that has supported us and we look forward to our continued growth together.

    Forever humbled,

    Tas-Tee Team