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Tas-Tee 250 count Big Bags

Tas-Tee 250 count Big Bags

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We've discovered a new avenue for success and it could be a game changer for the future of Tas-Tee.  Our products are in several retail locations throughout North Texas but I was recently approached by Ryan, the new Food & Beverage Manager at the Texas Rangers Golf Club.  He asked how they could incorporate our flavored golf tees into their new menu of cocktails... and another great idea was born!

Ryan and his bartenders are using a Cherry flavored Tas-Tee to garnish their Old Fashions as well as using our Lime flavored Tas-Tee to garnish their Gin Rickie's and Margaritas!  This was such a great idea, we had to create a product so ALL locations can have access to our entire menu of flavors at bulk rates.  

Each Bulk Bag has 250 Tas-Tees of a selected flavor. 

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