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    Tas-Tee News — retail packaging

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    Tas-Tee Introduces New Packaging

    Tas-Tee Introduces New Packaging

    Our Tas-Tee Team is always looking to improve our products.  Whether it's Tas-Tee's flavor delivery, marketing strategies, shipping hacks, or better packaging, we strive to make our customer's experiences better every day.  Over the past year, this little business has grown to be a presence in the online and local community.  

    We have delivered over 2000 smiles to our fellow golfers and we think we can do even better.  We are currently formulating our next flavor and will soon introduce it to our email subscribers.  It is because of this rapid growth that we are excited to release our newest online and retail packaging.  It is more durable than our previous retail boxes and should be easier to ship.  

    Thank you to all our customers that have supported us and given valuable feedback. We look forward to creating an even better Tas-Tee experience for all of you!