Peppermint is our 2023 Winner of our Vote the Flavor Campaign

Peppermint Wins!!

After several hundred votes and more than 50 new flavors recommendations, we are excited to announce that our winner of the 2023 Vote the Flavor Campaign Peppermint.  It was an absolute slugfest down the stretch with Peppermint only getting the clear win once Labor Day actually arrived.  The 2nd place finisher, Pumpkin Spice will be a tough flavor to beat in next year's voting.

We have formulated a few different variations for our Peppermint flavored golf tees and we are working hard to get them produced by Christmas time..  Can you imagine a Tas-Tee Stocking Stuffer?!

Really pleased with our results and it's obvious our Tas-Tee Community is growing.  The idea to vote on the next flavor was from one of our loyal customers and we will continue to listen to you all so we can get flavored golf tees to the world!

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coffee flavor.

d mccloskey

The next flavor should be Georgia peach tea


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