Vote the Flavor '23 Campaign


Every year we allow our followers to vote on our next Tas-Tee flavor and throughout the years, our audience has provided us with revolutionary formulations.  Since our original formulations of a few versions of Cherry flavored golf tees back in 2016, we've come a long way in creating an incredibly unique product for our equally as unique customers. 

After Covid hit in 2020, we were unsure what direction to go with our products and frankly, our business.  It was our Tas-Tee community that pushed us to keep going, to keep innovating & creating newer and better versions of our products.  That community is growing and so is the momentum for Tas-Tee.

This year we increased production of our flavored golf tees over 300% and much of that is due to our incredible flavor menu.  A menu that is created by the people, for the people.  Here is your chance to do it again!

Comment on this blog and tell us what flavor you'd like us to create.  We'll keep a running total of the votes & reveal the final results Friday, September 1st! 

Thank you SO much for your support, we'll see y'all out there!

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Orange! 🍊

Evan Kiefer

Need a dill pickle flavored golf tee fr fr


Blue raspberry 100%


Caramel pls


Lemonade or strawberry lemonade


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