ALL NEW Tas-Tees have arrived!!

Every year we poll our customers to see what flavors they want us to formulate for the following year and boy did our Tas-Tee community deliver with their 2022 Winner, Mixed Berry.  The delivery of flavor comes in layers as this new formulation hits your palette.  The initial sensation is what we based our newest Tas-Tees (v4) on so you can expect that same sensation throughout our new menu. 

We are truly honored to deliver a better & better product each year to our growing Tas-Tee community.  Along with our scientists who actually formulate each flavored golf tee, all of us at Tas-Tee say a giant THANK YOU to all of you who have supported us throughout this endeavor.  Our journey has not been easy but we are starting to see some real progress towards our mission as a small business.

That mission hasn't wavered since I began this business; be undeniable.

We are starting to be just that. 

With the help of our volunteering & networking over the past 4-5 years at several local golf events, we've secured sponsorships that could catapult this product to the biggest of stages.  Starting May 10th we'll have our Tas-Tee booth at the Byron Nelson, the largest golf event in North Texas and because of our connections with our friends in Red Pants, we're the first booth you'll see when you walk in the main gate.... PUMPED!

Our ALL NEW formulations along with our new resealable packaging will blow this Byron Nelson crowd's minds!... Most people have never heard of flavored golf tees but that is about to change - LET"S GO TAS-TEE!

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