Why we make Flavored Golf Tees

The question I get asked the most is, but why?

As a kid I chewed on my golf tees all the time so my mom showed me how to flavor them by soaking the wooden golf tees in flavoring so the wood would absorb the flavor.  Mom had me write that idea down in a composition notebook I had full of ideas & good jokes.  Fast Forward to 2017.  I'm working at an office job staring at a computer all day and daydreaming of golf almost every day.  

I was talking to my mom about not being on the right track and perhaps switching careers when she brought up the composition notebook I wrote in as a kid... and there it was, on the 3rd page: flavored golf tees

I had recently seen flavored mouth guards in a sporting goods store so I knew the technology was there for a revolution of the standard golf tee.  By 2018 I had prototypes of Cherry and Wintergreen Mint.  In 2019 I launched our website and reformulated our products.  In 2020 the golf world found our products and we haven't looked back yet.

I knew there were lots of golfers like me that chewed on golf tees, but I had no way of conceiving the response to our products would be so great.

We make the first golf tees that are completely infused with flavor.  We make each Tas-Tee using a dental graded plastic and we make them without any Forever Chemicals or harmful BpAs.  We make every Tas-Tee in the USA we always will.

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