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    Tas-Tee News — Throwback golf

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    Tas-Tee’s first ever sponsored event!

    Tas-Tee’s first ever sponsored event!

    On Sept 7th we sponsored our very first event, a Throwback MiniGolf & Disco Night at the Golf Center of Arlington... and it was so lit we caught a Saturday Night Fever! 

    Village People of DFW, Superfreaks, Dancing Queens and Raining Men sang and danced the night away to the live DJ.  We were Staying Alive in the Disco Inferno and after finding some Hot Stuff that evening, it was time to reward our top competitors:

    Best dressed: Tas-Tee MiniGolf Tour Best Dressed Throwback MiniGolf Night

     Family Winners: 

     Tas-Tee MiniGolf Tour First Place Family

    Tas-Tee Open Winners:

     Tas-Tee MiniGolf Tour Best in Show