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Single Pack Tees

Single Pack Tees

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Our Tas-Tee Single Packs are available in 2 sizes:

Our Tas-Tee 4 Packs are sold in 3 by 4 inch resealable pouches and they have become our best sellers. This low-cost option is a great product for those that are unfamiliar with our flavored golf tees and want to see what the fuss is about but our Tas-Tee 4 pack can also be a great gift for the golfer in your life. 

Our Tas-Tee 20 Packs are sold in 5 by 6 inch resealable pouches and are perfect for the buyer that knows what flavor they like.  All 5 Flavors are available: Cinnamon, Lime, Mixed Berry, Peppermint & Wintergreen Mint. Send some to someone you know or bring some to your foursome this weekend!

Be sure to select the Tas-Tee flavor you would like as you order. 

  • Made from non-hazardous flavored materials with absolutely no BPAs
  • Each Tas-Tee is 3 inches in length
  • Every Tas-Tee is proudly made in the USA

*Chew on a Tas-Tee until it loses the flavor, then use it like a golf tee

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