We're always so excited to announce that we have a new pricing scale.  It means that we can discount every future Tas-Tee experience for every customer.  Those of you that have supported Tas-Tee since it's inception have experienced a few pricing changes to our Tas-Tee product line over the years. 

We started selling our flagship Cherry Tas-Tee at $1.50 per tee!  (I know)  Over time we were able to convince more and more golfers that the Tas-Tee experience made golf even more enjoyable.  With each batch of inventory leaving our shelves, we've put every dime back into making a better Tas-Tee, and more of them. 

Each new pricing model has brought the price of a single Tas-Tee down by more than 30% and it's ALL because of you!  Thank you to everyone that has supported us and we look forward to our continued growth together.

Forever humbled,

Tas-Tee Team

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