Time off for Honeymoon

The perfect wedding (finally!) allowed us to take our first trip as a married couple. We were so blessed to have our entire trip paid for by the contributions to our Honeymoon Fund. Since several members of the Tas-Tee community were contributors to our trip, I felt like recapping some of our most memorable moments for you guys. 

We started our trip in Sacramento CA, rented a car and drove West to the coast for our first Honeymoon dinner. The sun setting at Bodega Bay was spectacular! 

Over the next few days, we made our way up the coast on the 101; tasting wines & catching sunsets. Absolutely in heaven driving the switchbacks and meandering highway to each new spot along the coastline. 

After finishing up the Redwood Forest trails, we headed East to Crater Lake. This was by far the bluest water we’ve ever seen. It honestly looks fake. From there we drove to stay a few nights at Running Y Resort in Oregon.

An absolute gem in the Oregon landscape, Running Y Ranch Golf Club was perfectly manicured and the greens were very quick 👌 I managed to birdie 2 holes; hole #9 was a severe downhill so my drive rolled out to about 40yds short of the green.. a perfect pitch shot that could’ve gone in became a homie 2footer 👍 The other birdie was a big surprise on the par 5 17th. After hitting the center of the left fairway, my 240yd hybrid came up short in the bunker. On a bit of a slide slope I got too cute and left it in the bunker.. now on a slight uphill lie, I was able to pitch it right where I pictured and it rolled out 15ft right into the cup.. golf is such a beautiful game sometimes 😋

Really enjoyed the golf course and staff at Running Y Resort. Jaren hooked me up w my round, range balls, golf cart and rental clubs. If we’re ever back n that part of the country, we’ll definitely stop by to play that track again. 

From Oregon my wife (gotta get used to that) and I headed south to Tahoe, but not before stopping at Lassen Volcanic National Park and Burney Falls. Lassen is fantastic but be prepared for the sulphur smell, it can be overwhelming. Burney Falls was an incredible hidden gem that was as picturesque as it was quiet. Must see if you’re in the area & we both really enjoyed our walk & lunch there.

Tahoe is the second largest alpine lake in the world and is truly an amazing scene. We heard that if you could pour out the water of Lake Tahoe over Texas, it’s cover the entire state 8in deep. That’s nuts! Plenty of activities for us so of course, I had to find a golf course.

I chose Old Brockway Golf Course on the North Coast of Lake Tahoe. It’s a tight and well maintained 9 hole track that’s both chill and challenging. Had a lot of fun and even recruited some new Tas-Tee customers. 

After soaking up the Tahoe sun for several days, it was back to where we started, Sacramento, to head back home. We had the best time together & look forward to many more adventures.

Thanks again to all who contributed to our honeymoon, we couldn’t have done it without you, thanks!

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