Tas-Tee Birthday Gift Story

It's no secret, our Tas-Tee products make FANTASTIC gifts.  Whether it's birthdays, holidays, or just your weekend outing with your golf group, Tas-Tee is an easy way to boost your day on or off the course.  We've heard some great stories about our products being introduced to people but the recent email from "Marc" about one of our latest orders had us cracking up.

"Hey Tas-Tee,

You don't know me but I was the recipient of one of your Variety Packs a few weeks ago and I wanted to share a funny story.  Read it if you have the time.

A few weeks ago I had my 60th birthday and received a gift from my niece Meghan. That gift was a Tas-Tee Variety Pack.  While I was intrigued with the idea, I'm not much of a 'tee-chewer' so I put the gift in my golf bag and honestly forgot about it.  

Yesterday, on my weekly round of golf, I was paired with the most obnoxious guy.  He wouldn't stop talking!  On and on he went about everything from his wife, to his job, to his golf swing, then to politics.  On the 7th tee box I hit a shot OB and he was quick to yell, "hitting 3"..  "hitting you" I muttered under my breath but I had resolved to shake this guy at the turn. As I reached into my bag for another ball, I saw the Tas-Tee packages.  Maybe a flavored golf tee could shut this guy up.  Guess what? It worked!

He was so enamored with the idea of what he was tasting, that I, a non tee-chewer tried a Cinnamon Tas-Tee with him.  We sat there silently on the 7th tee, both enjoying our first flavored golf tee and the first moments of quiet. All was good in the world.  

Throughout the back nine, I fed him a new Tas-Tee every time he got off topic but both of us stayed "on course" and finished our rounds on a high note.  No way I play that back nine with him if not for my nieces gift.  

Thanks for the moment of Zen,
Marc ”


May be the best story of "re-gifting" we'll ever hear Marc So glad you both got some quiet on the course and we hope you enjoyed your birthday.



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