Holiday Greeting

We had to take a moment to thank our small but growing Tas-Tee community and wish everyone joy and good times during this holiday season. It has not been the easiest year for any of us, being separated from fans, family & friends has been extremely difficult. It’s a true blessing to be involved with such a supportive community and we believe that brighter days are ahead. 

Life lessons have always seemed to reveal themselves in our great game and this trying time has been no exception. The extensive isolation has really shown all of us at Tas-Tee how much we need each other, as a family, as a company and as a community.

Going forward we vow to be more involved, to both our local community and our our Tas-Tee community. We’re here to help in anyway you feel we can make a positive impact. 

Let us know if we can include anything to make your gift unique and special for the recipient. We’ll be glad to help out as best we can with every single order. 

Brighter days are ahead


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