Tas-Tee at The Fort Worth Invitational

Our Tas-Tee Team got to enjoy its' second week of home cooking because the PGA Tour was in DFW for the second straight week.  Perhaps the most paradoxical portion of the PGA schedule, the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth could not have been any more different than the previous week's test at Trinity Forest in Dallas.

The shade provided by the lush tree-filled golf course was a most welcomed delight and the circulation of the crowds felt familiar and established.  We were able to attend the Wed ProAm this year and it did not disappoint.. we met BILL MURRAY!

Bill Murray at The Colonial GC ProAm Fort Worth Invitational

Wouldn't you know it, the first time we meet Bill, he has a golf tee in his mouth!  Jason was fanning pretty hard but he actually managed to get a Tas-Tee Sample Pack in Bill's hands!  Noticeably intrigued, Bill showed his playing partners which included the Colonial President and Board members and they tried our Tas-Tee... and they loved it!  We didn't want to hijack the icon for the entire day as there were dozens and dozens of fans who were braving the heat with us but we have a pretty good hookup now ;) 

As if it could get better than Bill Murray at a ProAm..

 We had no idea Bill was going to be there and we were all so excited for every one of his shots and antics.  A true American legend

As for the tournament, one of us selected Kevin Na to win this year and after day one, that person had some free Tas-Tee beverages.  Kevin is one of our favorite personalities on tour, he always lets you know how he's feeling.  The FW Inv saw Kevin ride a mini-roller coaster of emotions but Thursday he was all smiles after he and his caddie Kenny had an exchange over what the proper play was on the 9th hole, their finishing hole.  Kevin felt as if going for the green was the best play and eventually his vote won out and he slapped his 2nd to the left rough short of the green.  Kenny had to be feeling the "I told you so" coming out of his next breath, but he held back, after all, Kevin is the best scrambler on the Tour.. and wouldn't you know it, Kevin made the chip shot for birdie.  He turned to Kenny as the ball hit the bottom of the cup, "I told you" he smirked.  It was a great PGA moment and at that point I think the entire Tas-tee Team was on the Na bandwagon.. but it wasn't to be..

The steady play of Goldie (Justin Rose) Justin Rose at The Colonial w Tas-Tee Flavors

Jordan Spieth at The Colonial w Tas-Tee


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