Tas-Tee Goes Retail!

When Tas-Tee started its' journey more than 5 years ago, our team had no idea it would get such a terrific response from the golf community.  Almost 3 years ago we developed the first flavored golf tee of its kind, a usable golf tee that's MADE of flavor.  We sold our Cherry flavored golf tees at our local golf club by word of mouth and we were eventually allowed to promote our product at tournaments and other golf events.  In 2015 we began working on other flavors for our golf tees and soon came up with Wintergreen and Cinnamon to round out our original Tas-Tee flavored golf tees.

Armed with 3 fantastic flavors and a good response from our local community, Tas-Tee launched its' website in March of 2017 and the response from the visitors was overwhelming.  We were flooded with orders from golf tee chewers all over the world; from Miami to Seattle, England to Taiwan and we even attracted the attention of a few celebrity golf tee chewers.  Tas-Tee has been fortunate to develop connections with several people at dozens of golf clubs throughout the US so the ground work could be laid out for potential retail opportunities.

The Tas-Tee Team has continued to grow and this year we had our inaugural Tas-Tee Road Trip.  Sending Jason and the Tas-Tee Team to 10 PGA Events, junior golf events throughout Texas as well as a several local tournaments in DFW proved to be one of our best decisions to date.  The Tas-Tee Road Trip was able to pave the way for a brand new opportunity and we could not be more excited to unveil our very first Tas-Tee retail box. 

Tas-Tee First Retail Box (20ct) flavored golf tee

This accomplishment represents a huge milestone in the Tas-Tee timeline and our retail presence will stand as a evidence of all the hard work done by our Tas-Tee Team.  The thought of seeing our products on golf shelves has driven us every day to push forward and today we could not be more honored to present to you, the first Tas-Tee retail box coming to a pro shop near you! (hopefully)...

From all of us here at Tas-Tee, we give each of you a heartfelt Thank You!  

See you on the course!

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