Tas-Tee has a home game at The Byron Nelson

After many weeks on the road, the Tas-Tee Team returned to Texas for a few home games along with the PGA Tour.  Quick (and funny) side story; I'm on the plane flying back from Jacksonville and wouldn't you know it there were several golfers at the airport (shocker).  A few of them were flying on my flight to Texas because of the upcoming 2 tournaments.  So I'm sitting on the plane re-watching the YouTube video of Lingmerth at the 17th at Sawgrass on Friday and I feel a tap over my shoulder, "that's me" said the foreigner.  "Oh, you're David Lingmerth?"  I replied jokingly (this guy was obviously NOT David).. "no" he said, pausing for a second for Lingmerth's caddie to step into frame, "THAT'S me"..  haha, small world! I told him I was glad I could help... and the rest is Tas-Tee folklore lol

Anyhow, there was much talk about how this new course for the 2018 Byron Nelson would play out for the guys and I have to say, the course itself is quite impressive.  The nuances of the course as well as the immaculate condition it was in made for some spectacular moments.  This shot by Jordan was just off the fairway because it got a bad bounce.. 

The Tas-Tee Team was able to chat for a few minutes with the eventual winner, Aaron Wise.  In the end, it was the "originalwiseguy"'s ability to adapt to the new course along with his impeccable distance control that won against this diverse field.  Dude is 20 years old y'all! 

Tas-Tee with Aaron Wise


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