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Happy Birthday 4 Packs

Happy Birthday 4 Packs

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Know a golfer with a birthday coming up?  Send them our ALL NEW Happy Birthday packaging. After a local birthday event went over so well, we decided to make these Happy Birthday 4 Packs available for everyone.  

Each Tas-Tee Happy Birthday 4 Pack comes with 4 flavored golf tees of your choice.  Be sure to select the Tas-Tee flavor you would like as you order. 4 Pack dimensions are 3x4 inches.

  • Made from non-hazardous flavored materials with absolutely no BPAs
  • Each Tas-Tee is 3in in length
  • Every Tas-Tee is proudly made in the USA

*Chew on a Tas-Tee until it loses the flavor, then use it like a golf tee

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