Paul Casey goes B2B at the Valspar Championship!

It was an unbelievable finish to last year's Valspar Championship with Paul Casey emerging victorious over Patrick Reed and Tiger Woods amongst others.  Tiger was absent from his "comeback" event this time around and with Patrick Reed's game faltering a bit of late, Paul was happy to accept the "Paintbrush Trophy" once again.  

Paul is having an outstanding resurgence to the PGA Tour.  Along with his longtime caddie, Johnny "Long socks" McLaren, the duo has been riding a new swing and a new hot streak into a year on the PGA Tour where there's more money than ever before. 

The stakes couldn't be higher for the older generations of golfers on the world's most prestigious golf tour.  The talent pool of up-and-comers is deeper and wider than it has ever been.  Globally, golf is quickly falling out of its' historically elite status and into the cool for everyone phase, so it's got that going for it, which is nice.  The golf technology sector has grown exponentially in recent years and has allowed younger players to get better at a faster rate.  The culmination of these and many other factors have led to an extremely competitive amateur and collegiate tours. 

Golf is doing well!  At Tas-Tee we are so blessed to be the smallest part of this growing culture and we look forward to playing our part when we are called upon.

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