Tiger Wins the Masters!!

Words cannot describe the sense of accomplishment that Tiger must've felt tapping in his final putt on the 18th green at Augusta National.  11 years since he'd won a major and 14 years since his last win at this special venue, you could see the triumph and relief that climaxed on that last holed putt.  

For years we lamented the media as they continually hyped anything Tiger.  Whether it was hitting hydrants or hitting golf balls, we were convinced the youth of the game was given enough time to rise to Woods' level of golf.. we were wrong

For all the young talent on the PGA Tour, all the equipment improvements, and the numerous changes to courses over the past decade, Tiger has returned in terrific form to steal the show once again.  Golf is better because of it and we are happy to see the game in a better place than ever before.  Now that Tiger has regained his winning ways, Tiger is the guy to beat again.  The wide array of young talents on Tour have a rabbit to chase (as if they could catch it) and we are all on the edge of our seats to see what level this new-look PGA Tour can achieve.  We can't wait!

Tiger wins his 5th Masters

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