Tas-Tee Life during Covid-19

It’s often difficult to imagine how our species exists in a world seemingly intent on destroying humanity. Be it natural disasters, plaques, or pandemics, Mother Nature has done her level best rid herself of us. Our prayers go out to anyone affected by the corona virus. 

The golf community was struck especially hard by the pandemic but the sport will survive. As of now we are unsure when play will continue on the pro tours or what golf after this corona virus looks like. We are so blessed to have road tripped to AZ for the Waste Management Open in February and we haven't been negatively affected as a company as of yet.  Our prayers go out to those who have been affected by this pandemic and to all the businesses that will cease to exist after we are through it.

Tas-Tee is an extremely small business so in order to proceed "as usual" as well as deliver the safest experience for our customers, I'll be taking on all tasks for the time being.  Your patience is much appreciated, we will all get through this. 

Updates to follow..

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