Formulating a new flavor!

At the end of last year we surveyed our customers to see what flavors they'd like to try in a Tas-Tee... and we heard all kinds of different responses.  From the obvious to the outrageous, our Tas-Tee community didn't disappoint.  We recorded the top 6 flavor choices (Bubblegum, BBQ, Grape, Mango, Lime and Watermelon) and from that list we conducted a final survey to see which flavor we should formulate in 2020.  New Tas-Tee Flavor Voting Results 2020

The definitive winner is LIME!  Whether the idea is to compliment an adult beverage while golfing or to add a little citrus to your life, it is the time for Lime! 

Tas-Tee products are focused primarily on taste but our formulation science is really the essence of our Tas-Tee products.  To enhance each Tas-Tee's flavor potency, we must use more flavor molecules and by doing so, we reduce the number of rigidity molecules needed to make Tas-Tee a strong golf tee.  It's the delicate balance between flavor & strength that is a testament the wizardry of our Tas-tee Team.  Very few would have the patience and drive to complete such a delicate task.  But we do it for the people, our people.  People that play golf and chew on tees.

Lime flavored golf tees will be available soon via our website. Here's the link:

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