aaaaand, we're back!

Woohoo!  Tas-Tee is happy to report we are back at work!! 

At the beginning of June our governor had orders in place that allowed our business to resume given a few extra chores on our To Do lists.  These orders have allowed our Tas-Tee Team Members to return to work immediately.  We have never been a big company but the team we have are as valuable to this business as the idea itself.  Although I took on many of the Tas-Tee tasks while our staff was away, I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE! It was always apparent to me that I needed help to make Tas-Tee a success but I'd forgotten how much stuff I pile on other people's desks.  After doing the jobs of several, I am happy to return to my natural skill set.  This means better ads, better shipping and more discounts!

As far as our Tas-Tee products, we will be implementing several company-wide protocols that will allow for the safe sale of all of our products as well as reduce the risk of exposure for our team members. 

We thank everyone for their patience during this pandemic.

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