Claudia's Fundraiser at The Golf Center of Arlington

On Saturday we had a huge turnout for one of our teammates at The Golf Center of Arlington in Arlington, Texas.  Claudia's health was compromised after a car accident left her teeth and gums vulnerable and soft.  The community of members at the GC of Arl stepped up in a big way to raise money for a surgery that could give Claudia a new smile.

Led by Mauricio, the owner of the best practice facility in north Texas and the ONLY golf facility in the United States w TopTracer technology that's not a TopGolf.  Side story; Mauricio was the visionary that brought ProTracer technology to the US.  It was years later that TopGolf bought that software and became the "TopTracer" brand we all know today.  It is a revolutionary technology and one in which the balls themselves are not compromised.  Mauricio has the ONLY facility in the entire US that you can hit off GRASS and still get the TopTracer technology.  Sweet!

Mauricio has built his business and a great golf community in the middle of DFW and it was a real pleasure to see his vision for the future of the Golf Center of Arlington as well as witness the turnout and benevolence of their growing golf community.  Golfers paid $50 for an XL bucket of balls, unlimited MiniGolf and unlimited food and drinks.  There were 5 categories to win: Long Drive, Closest to pin, Approach Challenge, Points Game and lowest MiniGolf score.  

So great to catch up with everyone at the Golf Center of Arlington. As you may recall, GC of Arl was the first to accommodate our Tas-Tee products and we've enjoyed sponsoring several events at their facility.  

Tas-Tee MiniGolf Fundraiser for Claudia at Golf Center of Arlington

We hope our recent contributions help Claudia and we look forward to helping and working with our golf community in the near future. 


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