First Tas-Tee Christmas

Although we started our pursuit of the perfect flavored golf tee several years ago, we have only began to scratch the surface on what this product line can offer golfers like us.  2018 marked the first year Tas-Tee had retail products for sale to the mass public.  We were overjoyed to launch with our original 3 flavors and even more ecstatic to embark on our first Tas-Tee Road Trip.  

We were also blessed to begin our pursuit a regional retail product.  We designed and ordered our first retail boxes from a local vendor as well as made several friends with possible retail locations.  We were also able to attempt our first online sale during Christmas by doing a Stocking Stuffer of Tas-Tees.

Finishing the year up with our fantastic work family then individual trips with our own families and back to formulations for 2019.  We have a few new flavors in the works so in addition to the great original flavors; WinterGreen Mint, Cherry and Cinnamon, we've been working on Peppermint, Bubble Gum and Whiskey.  Formulations are often very difficult and have proven to be finicky throughout our experiments but we are optimistic about the growth of our flavored golf tees.

Here's looking forward to 2019!!

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