2019 Tas-Tee Business Plan

As some of you know, last year was our first attempt at an online presence and 2018 marked the first year we were able to sell our products online.  To boost website traffic, we had our founder go to 8 PGA Tour Events as well as several local golf tournaments and tell people about the revolutionary Tas-Tee products on the first ever Tas-Tee Road Trip.  Several golf connections were made on the 2018 Tas-Tee Road Trip and once we saw sales start coming in, our "proof of concept" was established.

Since the completion of the golf season, we hurried to get our Tas-Tee Stocking Stuffers out to our customers and were successful at getting our first retail packaging.  Armed with our first retail boxes and display cases, we set out to attain retail space in several North Texas golf shops.  Now that we have an established distribution for our Tas-Tee products as well as a proven concept that golfers actually like flavored golf tees, we need to focus on how to get our products to the masses of golfers that have never heard of Tas-Tee.  

Our strategy in 2019 is to develop a few new flavors (voted on by local golfers) and reach our products even further through retail on online sales.  Once we can sell out of our current inventory, our plan is to reduce the prices of Tas-Tee products across the board and focus on mass production and quality.

Starting just 5 years ago with a kid's whimsical idea that I could make flavored golf tees for myself and my circle of friends, I could only dreamed this would become my full time job to pursue a passion I had as a kid.  We are way ahead of the flavored golf tee game and I could not be more pleased with our team and our products.  

Let's make 2019 the year that makes Tas-Tee a household name in the golfing world!     After all, "we've got flavor down to a tee!"

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