Tas-Tee golf Season continues at The HKS Scramble held at The Bridges Golf Club

It's not often that the PGA Tour takes a break and for our Tas-Tee Team it's an opportunity to hit the course and test our newest products.  While we are in the developmental stages of introducing some new flavors to our customers as well as improving the golf tee performance.  

We had the benefit of attending the annual HKS Golf Scramble this year for the first time and it proved to be a fantastic fit for Tas-Tee.  We were able to hand out product samples and get immediate feedback from hundreds of golfers ranging from scratch handicappers to once a year golfers.  We will be compiling the data and experiences from this event over the course of the next week or so and then we will implement the necessary improvements so we can assure our Tas-Tee customers the very best Tas-Tee experience.

As usual with company golf scrambles, there were several interesting twists to our classic game but by far our favorite was the "driving cannon".  This air powered potato gun shoots the golf ball in a much more consistent trajectory and was well received by most of our team, lol.  Check this out:




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