The Story of Tas-Tee

St Andrews Old Course was the start for the Tas-Tee Dream

 My love for the game of golf began at an early age and a military childhood spent overseas allowed me to attend my first professional golf event in 1995.  My dad took me to St. Andrews and we watched John Daly win over the European crowd and lift The Claret Jug.  I knew I had to be involved with this captivating game so I jumped at every opportunity throughout my life that got me closer to golf. 

From a "Looper" to a driving range assistant, from golf ball diver to business owner, and from product inventor to retail entrepreneur, I am so happy to have launched these Tas-Tee products to the world.
This website will showcase our Tas-Tee products and will stand as evidence of years of tedious work by a dedicated, golf-loving family.  It is the culmination of a childhood dream and groundbreaking efforts by our team of scientists.   We faced every challenge, met every goal, and satisfied even the most critical testers; the weekend golfer.  Through this pursuit, we created an innovative product that has the complete functionality of a golf tee but we included the only missing sense in golf: TASTE!
After literally years of new formulations and dozens of do-overs, we now have what is considered to be the first golf tee ever to be COMPLETELY made of flavored material.  Like flavored mouth guards, straws, and toothpicks, Tas-Tee products are safe to taste but NOT TO EAT (ppl are crazy).  Every Tas-Tee is made from a patented plastic material blend that contains NO BPAs (Bishenol A) or any other harmful additives. 
Tas-Tee products are completely safe to chew or taste and can be enjoyed by golfers of all ages!
Every Tas-Tee is proudly made in the USA!
Do you know someone who's always chewing on something?
Do you know somebody that smokes or dips?
Do you have an oral fixation?
Do you want one?
Get a Tas-Tee!