Who We Are & Why We Make Flavored Golf Tees


My name is Jason & I started Tas-Tee, the first flavored golf tee of its' kind. As a boy I saw how my mom would make flavored toothpicks by putting wooden toothpicks into a jar and sealing them until the wood absorbed the flavor.  I used these golf tees as a kid but never thought of it being a product, or a business until I got the kick I needed. 

In 2016 I was in a car wreck that flipped my Jeep Cherokee 3 times but I managed to crawl out with very few injuries.  Over the next few recovery days I started researching various flavored materials to make flavored golf tees.  It was late 2017 before the hundreds of emails and countless phone calls paid off for me.  I found a scientist that was on the formulation team for a flavored mouth guard, he laughed out loud when I told him what I wanted to create but he had a few contacts that I then tracked down to find the golfer in the group, you're welcome! lol.  No idea why this particular pursuit was so intriguing to my adult self, but I really dove into the conversations with these scientists, enough that I struck a deal with Steve, the head of our Tas-Tee Formulation Team. Steve is a patented scientist in the field of flavored plastics and he and his incredible team of lab coats make Tas-Tee possible... 

It's important to note the kind of technology we're talking about with our Tas-Tee flavored golf tees.  There are several similar products on the market today, most notably we saw Stephan Curry chewing on his flavored mouth guard during the NBA Finals but there also flavored pacifiers, flavored toothpicks, flavored food utensils etc.  Like these products, Tas-Tee are safe to taste or chew on but NOT to eat.  At one point I had an inclination to make an edible golf tee but the practicality doesn't work out.  Golfers can chew or taste their Tas-Tees until they're ready to use it, it's that simple.  Tas-Tees are made from a patented durable, flavored plastic material that allows a golf tee to be flavored safely but is also a respectable golf tee. This technology advances every day and we are constantly upgrading our products and online presence to maximize our Tas-Tee users experience.  

Every Tas-Tee is made in the USA and packaged in Arlington Texas  

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