Veritex Bank Championship ‘22

The Korn Ferry Tour buses arrived in north Arlington and the buzz around DFW started days before the first shot was hit. A few of us volunteer at The Rangers Golf Club on a regular basis so we can attest to the magnitude of this event and the thousands of work hrs that goes into such an endeavor.  

Our local golf course hosted The Veritex Bank Championship for the second year (altho technically third bc of Covid) & for the second year, Tyson Alexander won it. Ty became the first Korn Ferry Tour player to repeat as champion, but we’re all hoping there’s not a third opportunity. Tyson is good enough to be on “the big tour” and he may very well be one day soon. So many of these KFT players could compete every week with the PGA field but there are only so many spots.  With a field this deep and a course that’s gettable almost days, we knew the winning score would be in the 20 under range. 

The Wednesday start threw everyone off just enough to create a different feel to preparations.  Several golfers had never seen the course until Tuesday’s ProAm, which got rained out so many of them didn’t see the entire track. 

The course was gettable Wed morning early and a few golfers got out to a fast 8 or 9 under start. We saw more rain on and off Wed and Thurs and had to pull the golfers off the course due to lightning a few times. 

the cut was -5!

We saw several golfers shoot under par easily and had to go home bc they couldn’t get it to 5 under to make the cut. 

Our caddie friend from last year, Leigh,  is on a new bag this year, North Carolina’s own, Taylor Dickson. Kid can absolutely pound the ball. We also got to watch Trey Crowe, baller outta SC who went 4 under in his first round w NO birdies! (3 eagles & 2 bogeys). One of the craziest scorecards we’ve ever seen.

The final round was a real frenzy. Weather subsided enough to make final round scoring the lowest in Korn Ferry history. Several golfers got out to a hot start but Enachiocci was -8 thru 10 holes and looked like he would post a score early. Rob Oppenheim, Werbylo, had great rounds but couldn’t make up the gap. 

Tyson “Peoples Champ” Alexander didn’t have a perfect round, in fact, he double bogeyed one of the easier holes and fell to 4 back. “But there’s just something about this place.,” he would later say that sits well on his eyes. Well all the eyes of north Texas were upon him on his final approach shot on 18 knowing a birdie would seal him his second career victory. 

We were 5 paces behind him when he hit that shot, 190 to the front, 220 to the flag… 6 iron.. striking

It was honestly one of the most clutch shots I’ve seen from a KFT player.. but like we said, that should remedy itself soon for Ty. Congrats once again to him and his team, and his family. 

Special shout out to UTA’s Zach Fischer, who not only made the cut but collected a lil chili too 🤑

Shout out to Tommy Gainey, dunno if they make cooler people than that dude. Solid.

Shout out to Billy Tom Sergant who came to me asking about a physical therapist. I was able to steer BTS to our guy Jesse at The Golf Center of Arlington and he was back to feeling good in no time.  Can’t wait to see Beat The Spread later this year

Shout out to “Opp” Rob Oppenheim, who like many KFT golfers, brings their young family out to the events. Among several but he and Patrick Fishburn's fam have really cool dynamics.  Very Cool

This years event went well enough for us to consider a full Tas-Tee sponsorship.. keep updated for more


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