Gary Woodland wins our National Championship, and our hearts...

The PGA Tour is full of good guys and Gary Woodland winning the US Open is the latest evidence that golf serves some sort of divine justice in our universe.  Gary's meeting with Amy Bockerstette, a golfer in the Special Olympics, was one that had us all in tears.  His ear to ear smile when she made a sandy-par after getting up&down from the front right bunker at the famed par 3 16th at TPS Scotssdale was only equaled by his huge grin as he hoisted the trophy at the infamous Pebble Beach Golf Course. 

 Gary Woodland kisses the trophy at Pebble Beach after winning the US Open

His smile revealed that winning an individual trophy is never about the individual. While he's the one that performs the athletics, there are countless thoughts that enter one's head over the course of a 5 hour round on Sunday at a major championship.  The major thought on Gary's mind was "I've got this", the line Amy uttered to herself over and over as she stole our hearts with her phenomenal golf ability.  That phrase proved to win the day as Gary got into, and out of several predicaments throughout his final round.  Minutes after winning, he took his trophy to a press conference and FaceTime'd Amy to tell her "thank you" for her inspiration. They both had such genuine smiles and admiration.

Amy Bockerstette ad Gary Woodland

If you weren't in tears at this point, you need to be rebooted.  What was so special to us is the fact that Gary, while on the golf world's biggest stage, made Amy the story. He wasn't being coy, Amy IS the story.  You'll never know the power of positivity until you fully embrace it and both of these two have fully embraced it.

Congrats to Gary on a spectacular week of golf and a big THANK YOU to Amy for being so positive and so inspirational to so many.


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