Father's Day MiniGolf Event at the Golf Center of Arlington

We had such great time on Sunday seeing all the smiling faces around the golf center.  Families played 18 holes at their leisure while we had several events scheduled for the top of each hour.  First was the 9-hole MiniGolf Tournament. It was a stroke event in which every entrant got one attempt to complete our 9 hole competition setup in as few strokes as possible.  We had a winning score of 23 for the adults and 27 for the kids division.


Next up was the Long Drive Challenge was a contest to see who could hit a driving range ball the furthest... with a minigolf putter!  We went off the ground so not many were able to get it off the ground.  Once I did, mine went 162 yards, respectable, but not winning with this group of bombers, the winner hit it 227!  

During our last hour we had a Hole-n-One Challenge, a contest focused on the kids that participated in our Fathers Day Event.  We had all the kids line up by age so the youngest would be the first to hit.  Each player putts to our Hole-n-One Challenge hole until someone makes it.  The hole was a downhill, can't leave it short kind of putt.  Picking the right golf hole for the crowd's abilities is a must but if it's accomplished, the moment someone makes a hole in one is priceless.  All the kids go crazy and they keep going until they also make, so everyone gets their moment.  

Big shout out to The Golf Center of Arlington, Mauricio and his wife Larissa have always been very good to Tas-Tee and our family and they play fantastic hosts at their facility.  Wait til you see what they're building!!

Shout out to 3 Nations Brewery for sending out Blake, who proved to be as chill as your beverages, which is nice..  and last but never least, shout out to our favorite photographer at AMA Photography

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