Captain America wins The Northern Trust Open.. Again!

The NYC skyline was the appropriate backdrop for the first win of the season for our PGA work horse, Patrick Reed.  After struggling through the start of his year, Pat's wife Justine had David Ledbetter have a look at Pat's swing.  A few weeks later, unimpressed with his progress, Pat took off 10 days from golf.  I know that doesn't seem like much to you and me but Pat is in the prime of his career and it was during the golf season... 10 days is an eternity to PGA Players!  After being "unplugged" from golf he started again and found the swing that led him to the Masters just over a year ago.Pat Reed wins the Northern Trust Open

We've followed Pat and his caddie, Kessler, for quite a while and have always admired their team/family dynamic as well as the individual fire that fuels Patrick's passion for the game.  Much is mentioned, especially on social media, about Pat's college days at Georgia Tech. Stories of falsifying scores and an alleged putter theft, whether true or not, tend to sway people to dislike the guy, a guy we literally witnessed approach a quadriplegic at The Players Championship and give him a moment to remember.  No crowd, no publicity, just a Masters Champion realizing he could put a smile on someone's face.  Whether or not the college stories are true, the man and father that Pat is today can be seen by anyone just about anywhere.  We have seen Patrick step up as a PGA professional to lead charitable causes and play the game as it is meant to be played, with passion.Kessler and Patrick Reed win again

  As for his caddie Kessler, dude puts in WORK as part of Team Reed.  On Sunday at Liberty National Golf Course, Kess helped read putts and run off geese from a fairway as well as the other caddie duties.  Team Reed played fantastic throughout Sunday's final round. When they missed greens, they got up and down.  When they missed putts, the second putt was hammered into the back.  It was quite satisfying for Reed's fans, he had opportunities to get beat but Capt ain't going down like that... Way to go Team Reed and we look forward to the rest of these FedEx Cup Playoffs!


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