How we make Flavored Golf Tees..

We get all sorts of questions about how we make our flavored golf tees and to be honest, edible golf tees were my first inclination when creating and formulating the first Tas-Tee over 5 years ago but as a golfer, there is an unmistakable design flaw when golf tees are made to be edible...

you can't tee off with em!  

Think about it, you reach for your edible golf tee on the first hole then hit your tee shot.  Even if the edible golf tee isn't completely destroyed, you'd still be eating a used golf tee that's been in the ground... YUCK! 

  • Tas-Tees NEVER touch the ground before you chew on them.   
  • Every Tas-Tee is extremely durable and can handle a few whacks
  • Chew on your Tas-Tee until you want to use it as a golf tee

That's How You Tas-Tee!

The functionality of our golf tee is paramount in our creation for each Tas-Tee.  We hit THOUSANDS of shots off of our Tas-Tees as we are formulating each flavor and we test 8% of the Tas-Tees while in production to ensure their quality.

To our findings, 1 in every 5 golfers chews on their golf tee.  Mostly it's an oral fixation but it can be a flavorful distraction from the toughest game ever created or simply something to do while the others are playing.  Chewing flavored gum or candy or golf tees can be relaxing during the round and isn't that always a benefit on the golf course?

There's NO wrong reason to Tas-Tee but mostly we do it because..... IT'S FUN!


Let us know if you have any questions about our formulation strategies or production processes, we love hearing all the inquiries!

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My name is Mariah Lussier and I’m a blogger/influencer. I love the look of your tas-tees. I was wondering if you were interested in a FREE review on my blog and socials in exchange for products/samples. I have a reach of 95,880 and have sections for mom/dad, kids, food/drinks, pets, and household products! You may also use the review and photos on Google, your socials, and on your site.
A little bit about me- I am from the great state of Vermont! I have three kids Sayben (age 7), Shane(age 13) and Mason (2). We also have our puppy Dixie. She’s our 9week old pug. I homeschool my boys and work as a nurse part-time. I would be more than happy to send examples of my work, feedback from others I have worked with, and proof of reach. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to get the chance to work with you!
Mariah Lussier
Saybens Product Review

Mariah Lussier

My name is Cory Stamn and I am one of the coaches and business manager for the Sugar River Bombers youth baseball/softball teams. Our six teams are composed of kids from all-over South-Western Wisconsin and North-Western Illinois. We are having a fundraising golf outing at the Edelweiss Country Club in New Glarus, WI on May 4th. We are expecting between 120 to 150 golfers. We are a registered non-profit with Wisconsin DFI, and I can provide our non-profit EIN if you would like.

I’m writing in hopes to get a donation(s) for our raffle/fundraiser, anything that you feel would add to our event would be greatly appreciated. We think that you would be a perfect fit.

We are hoping to get as many amazing golf companies represented as possible. Along with your donated item(s) I will display any advertising that you would like. I will also post the donations along with website links on our Facebook page to promote the event & the sponsors.

The money raised will go towards various expenses (team equipment, tournament fees, umpire fees, practice facility rent/updates, etc.). We try to keep our players fees low by fundraising, and this is our biggest of the year. I can provide our flyer with all the event info. Our team page can be found on Facebook by searching @sugarriverbombers.

We would love Tas-Tee to be a part of our event and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and have a Wonderful Year,

Bombers Baseball/Softball
ATTN: Cory Stamn
502 2nd Ave
New Glarus Wi 53574

Cory Stamn

How long does the flavor of the tas-tee last?


Great idea and great invention here. Everyone will be using these flavored golf tees very soon.


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