How we make Flavored Golf Tees..

We get all sorts of questions about how we make our flavored golf tees and to be honest, edible golf tees were my first inclination when creating and formulating the first Tas-Tee over 5 years ago but as a golfer, there is an unmistakable design flaw when golf tees are made to be edible...

You can't tee off with them!  

Think about it, you reach for your edible golf tee on the first hole then hit your tee shot.  Even if the edible golf tee isn't completely destroyed, you'd still be eating a used golf tee that's been in the ground... YUCK! 

  • Tas-Tees NEVER touch the ground before you chew on them.   
  • Every Tas-Tee is extremely durable and can handle a few whacks
  • Chew on your Tas-Tee until you want to use it as a golf tee

That's How You Tas-Tee!

The functionality of our golf tee is paramount in our creation for each Tas-Tee.  We hit THOUSANDS of shots off of our Tas-Tees as we are formulating each flavor and we test 8% of the Tas-Tees while in production to ensure their quality.

To our findings, 1 in every 5 golfers chews on their golf tee.  Mostly it's an oral fixation but it can be a flavorful distraction from the toughest game ever created or simply something to do while the others are playing.  Chewing flavored gum or candy or golf tees can be relaxing during the round and isn't that always a benefit on the golf course?

There's NO wrong reason to Tas-Tee but mostly we do it because..... IT'S FUN!


Let us know if you have any questions about our formulation strategies or production processes, we love hearing all the inquiries!

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Hi! I met you watching my son Shad to play in Savannah at the BMW and I mentioned to you there would love to try to call Market Tees. But first of all she has a birthday coming up and I would love to purchase some of your boxes, small boxes of Tees with his name on the boxes can you contact me with some information or give me a shout out?

Winnie Sullivan

My brother Matt and I (Kenny) met you at the pro am celebrity golf tournament where him and I were treated like celebrities with everyone asking for our pictures and coming up to talk to us because of the way we was dressed. We were able to try some of the tees and they were amazing. Thank you so much for coming out and talking with us.

Kenny andrews

Hello my name is SMSgt Shannon Thornley i am with the 349th Maintenance Squadron out of Travis AFB California. I have been tasked with organizing an up coming Golf Tournament and have been seeing your product on Facebook for a few months. I am reaching out to see if you would be interested in donating to this years event. We are looking to have around 180 to 200 members attending. The 349th MXS Top 3 is a mission driven, non-profit organization. We are committed to helping not just our fellow Squadron members but other military organizations on base as well as the surrounding community. Our purpose is to improve communication and recognition at all levels. We thrive to guide and mentor all individuals, in hopes that we leave a positive and lasting legacy. A key component to making this event successful is sponsorship and donations of supporting organization. We expect to have about 180 – 200 attendees, all of whom will see the donations during the competition and throughout the day. This will be a great way to advertise. We greatly appreciate your consideration. Thank you

SMSgt Shannon Thornley

To whom it may concern,
We hope this message finds you well. We are reaching out on behalf of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Golf Event in Greenville, S.C. As we prepare for our upcoming fundraiser, we are seeking generous individuals like you to contribute silent auction items to help us raise funds in support of our mission.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a significant impact on our ability to continue serving athletes and coaches in our community. We would be incredibly grateful for any items you could provide. Here are some ideas, but feel free to donate whatever you feel comfortable with:

• Sports memorabilia (signed jerseys, equipment, etc.)

• Gift certificates to local restaurants, shops, or services

• Handcrafted items or artwork

• Electronics or gadgets

• Experience packages (tickets to events, spa days, etc.)

• Wine or gourmet food baskets

• Outdoor gear or equipment

• Home decor items

• Books, DVDs, or other entertainment items

• Any other unique or valuable items you may have to offer

Your generosity will help us continue our work of empowering young athletes with character development, leadership skills, and spiritual growth.

If you are able to contribute or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at FCA Upstate Greenville S.C. Your support is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to make a positive impact in the lives of young athletes in our community.

Thank you for considering our request.

Warm Regards, John Kendall

John Kendall

Hello, I’m reaching out because my sister absolutely loves your brand! Golf is one of our families favorite activities to play together!
How fun would it be to share the day with not only her but tas-tees also!
October 2024 she is getting married but before that we have her bachelorette trip! In Nashville this summer. What better way to celebrate and get ready for the weekend than with one of her favorite brands. We would love to collab with you for her very special day!
Weddings are exciting but so expensive, I’d love to hear back and share this special day not only with her but a very special company also!
Thank you
Approximately 20 girls will be on the trip
My address is 1804 ashwood dr apt b rolla mo 65401

Kameron Newkirk

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