Attending lectures on flavored plastic science

Not as boring as it sounds, especially when Tas-Tee is literally in the flavored plastic business.  Like most people, we discovered this flavored plastic technology when we purchased our first flavored mouth guard as a young athlete.  Far superior to the normal, non flavored versions, this technology was our introduction into a technology that has been evolving for the past 10+ years.  

One of the ways we continue to push this revolutionary technology is to incorporate the newest practices in plastics formulation along with our innovative production process... All for GOLF TEES!! Lol  

While on a long trip to the Northeastern US recently, I attended a couple lectures on plastic science at some prestigious universities.  They talked molecular structure and composition, mostly stuff that was way over my head but I was excited to be in a very large room with people pushing an industry that would certainly support our lil golf tee business.  The possibilities are endless, formulating extremely complex flavors will be possible in the near future.

The dream is to make our Tas-Tee community big enough to support a large inventory of complex flavored golf tees so every golf tee chewer can have their desired flavor made by us, right here in the United States.

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Hey guys I’m the owner/operator of a CBD business in Phoenix, Arizona. I am looking to launch a golf specific product and love what you guys are doing. I am wondering if you would be interested in collabing in a hemp derived CBD infused tee?

jake hauser

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