All New Tas-Tee products are in production for 2023

We are SO excited for this next chapter in our Tas-Tee journey. After attending a half dozen seminars and lectures about flavored sciences, we are currently into production on the new formulations of Tas-Tee.  While the previous version (v3) was good enough to introduce people to the concept of chewing on a flavored golf tee, this version will blow people away.

As our followers know, we will be selling off our last inventory of Cherry & will be replacing it with the Mixed Berry which won the Vote the Flavor contest earlier this year.  We will still have 4 flavors but the experience on these 4 flavors will be absolutely incredible.  I can't go into the details here because a lot of the science is proprietary, but each flavor requires a very different delivery of its molecules to the right section of your palate in order to achieve the desired effect.  

Also getting an update will be our packaging for our online & retail (yes, retail) locations.  The first version of Tas-Tee's logo was done by me (a non-artist) with Office Paint almost 7yrs ago, lol. It was NOT good but it got the point across.  This new logo was selected amongst several, each done by a professional graphics artist. After revising the logo several times, we configured the graphics for the packaging as you see it here. 

The packaging will be complete by the end of March and the new shipment of Tas-Tees will be here by the end of April for the 2023 golf season. Then the next step is on me and you, mostly me.  We have to get the word out about flavored golf tees. To do that we are going to increase our advertising budget by 50% and include ambassadors in several different states throughout the country.  We will also need YOUR help. Shouldn't be too much trouble & it won't cost you a cent.. Any time you see someone with a golf tee in their mouth, tell em about Tas-Tee, the first flavored golf tees. That's it! That's all we will ever need to grow this unique community.

The ultimate goal here is simply to spend as much time of our lives around the game that we all love so much.  Family, friends, good times and golf golf golf!

                      **************         UPDATE         **************


Details are still ongoing but as of now (3/7/2023 at 8pm CT) we are in!

More soon!..

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