Tas-Tee reflects on it's beginning...

Almost 3 years ago, I walked away from a demanding corporate job that afforded me all the luxuries I could seemingly ask for; a company car, paid time off, healthcare, even a 401K but it wasn't my idea of success. 

In December of 2016 while stuck in traffic, I had an epiphany, is this REALLY what I wanted to be doing for the foreseeable future? My audible answer was NO! I called in sick and quickly altered my route to my favorite golf course.  While playing I often chew on a golf tee and that morning's round was no different, until it hit me.  As a kid I had written down my "inventions" in a spiral notebook and among the revolutionary ideas of an 8yr was the concept of a flavored golf tee. 

I don't recall a single shot from my round that day but driving home I was compelled to pursue my flavored golf tee idea. That single day has changed my life for the better in so many ways.  The next day at work while I figured out how I would successfully create a prototype, I was called into our corporate office for my yearly review.  Shockingly, the boss was impressed enough with my work that she offered me a better position although it would require working some Saturdays. I told her about my childhood idea and that I would be quitting to pursue that dream. She was flabbergasted. She bet me that I'd be back within a year.  Suppose I still need to go collect on that bet, lol.

As the creator and founder of Tas-Tee, my schedule is as full as it has ever been but it doesn't seem like work when it's a labor of love.  I've been blessed to include some of my best friends in this business venture and I've made so many new relationships through the pursuit of a flavored golf tee.  From celebrities to Olympic Gold Medalists; from First Tee elementary school kids to PGA Senior Tour players and from weekend hackers to a PGA Masters winner, everyone in the golf community has been so supportive of this dream.  

Tas-Tee has sold thousands of flavored golf tees to golfers all over the world and we are so thankful to each and every one of you that supports this dream.

Follow your dreams, you have NO idea what kind of impact you can make.

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