Tas-Tee celebrates July 4th

It was 3 years ago that I quit my "real job" to pursue a childhood dream.

It was MY Independence Day..

Just like our forefathers left an oppressive government to start a new way of life, I left my corporate job to start a business that I could call my own.  Along the way, similar-minded people started to accumulate around me, our only commonalities were a need for corporate independence a love of golf.  Over the past 3 years the innovative idea of a flavored golf tee has turned into OUR brand, Tas-Tee.  Our Tas-Tee Team has now grown to include marketing specialists, web designers, a sales staff, scientists (yes, real ones) and even a few celebrities.  All these talented individuals believe in our common brand and would be willing to die for it, well maybe, just like our forefathers.  'Murica!

This year's July 4th was a special one for us at Tas-Tee so we wanted to share some our holiday celebration moments with our followers.  The Wednesday holiday made it possible for us to experience several celebrations with many of our Tas-Tee Team Members.  All over our patriotic state of Texas, our team met up at several locations and celebrated our nation's birth with hundreds of friends and family. 

Out in East Texas at Emerald Bay watching the carts and boats line up for a HUGE 4th of July show!!

Emerald Bay Fireworks July 4th

Carts lining up for fireworks

Instagram post July 4th 2018

We are forever humbled by the support of our family, friends and customers and we will continue to keep our tiny version of freedom going one more year.

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