Brooks is straight Gucci bruh

Our Tas-Tee Team has been fortunate to attend several golf tournaments over the past 2 years and we are thankful to have made it out to the PGA Championship as well as many other acclaimed PGA Tour Events.  Having watched Brooks play several practice and competitive rounds, we can say without hesitation, he is the man to beat on the PGA Tour. The sound of his drives are unique, even to a group of golf fans. 

We experienced this first hand at Bellerive last year when Koepka played a practice round with Justin Thomas, JB Holmes, and Tiger Woods.  Here is our GoPro footage of he and Tiger teeing off 18 and you can hear the "smash factor" comparison.  Brooks split the fairway and smoked his drive 326yds, 10yds in front of everyone in his group of bombers.  Complimented by a unique "top-hooking" putting stroke that has yet to let him down in majors, Brooks looks poised to take over this Tour if he keeps his mind to it.

Congrats to Brooks on his 4th major title in just his last 8 starts.  He is setting records that even the GOAT's of the sport have to admire.  We look forward to seeing more from him over the next few years and CANNOT wait til the Olympics in Japan! 


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