365 days til payback

“Payback” as I’ve come to understand it, usually involves getting even in some regard. Payback can mean revenge but it can also mean reconciliation. In my instance, payback means a repayment, one that I’ve been indebted to for over 25yrs. 

While stationed in England in 1995, my dad took me to the British Open at St Andrews in Scotland. Me & Pops were all over that course watching all of our favorite players. We were at 17 green when Constantino Rocca made the long putt on Sunday & we were there when John Daly lifted the Claret Jug on the 18th green.     ::Complete chills::

That moment still lives so vividly in me to this day... but I’ve always felt the need to pay Pops back for that incredible experience.

Pops doesn’t spend much time online these days so no real chance to spoil the surprise here, but in less than a year he and I will once again travel to the home of golf, St Andrews to watch the British Open in person, together.

We’ll watch our favorite golfers and cheer all the great shots.  
We’ll be there on Sunday to watch the Open Champion lift the Claret Jug and finally,  after 26yrs, I’ll have paid back the greatest, most pivotal moment of my youth to the man that introduced me to the worlds greatest game. 

364 days and counting...

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