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    Tas-Tee has recently started several MiniGolf Leagues in North Texas.  Each League includes 3 weeks of local MiniGolf play, held on the same weeknight and played with various formats.  Contact your local MiniGolf course to see what night their Tas-Tee Leagues are playing.

    The Tas-Tee MiniGolf Showdowns will be held every 4th week and will act as the finale to the monthly golf leagues. 

    Tas-Tee MiniGolf Showdown Oct 16th

    The Tas-Tee MiniGolf Showdowns are open competitions with 3 categories: Singles, Doubles, and 4 person teams.  There may be divisions if the number of entrants exceeds a certain amount.  Each competition will be $10 to enter per person.  (Ex. The 4 person teams will be $40 per team)

    On this website you can find passes to the Tas-Tee MiniGolf Showdown.  They are available at a discounted rate if you purchase them prior to the event and bring proof of payment (email or print out).  

    We could not have launched this new venture without the help of so many, including the Golf Center of Arlington and those that showed up for our Tas-Tee MiniGolf Kickoff as well as those who have signed up for the monthly leagues.

    Thank you so much for your interest in the Tas-Tee MiniGolf Tour, we look forward to seeing you and your family at the first Tas-Tee MiniGolf Showdown at The Golf Center of Arlington on Wed Oct 16th at 7pm!!